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Business Fire Alarm Installation Services

No matter the size of your business, you should have an effective fire alarm system installed in place. Fires can occur at any time, and in many cases prove to be most destructive after hours. Fire alarms make sure that firefighters will be on site to put out any fires before serious damage occurs. Having a fire alarm system will also keep your staff safe should any danger occur during business hours. Therefore, you need to choose a fire alarm system in compliance with the most recent regulations. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in a fire alarm system and what you should look for in an installation service.

Benefits of Commercial Fire Alarms

  • Regulations such as the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) require that all commercial land has appropriate fire safety measures in place. Fire alarm systems are one of the best ways to ensure you comply with this legislation.
  • Fire alarm systems make sure that not only is your building kept safe, but also the lives of your staff and clients. A quick alert will allow people to get out of harm’s way fast and safe.
  • Most modern systems are linked directly to fire services. This allows firefighters to act quickly and douse the fire before it causes a large amount of damage. Also, they can be linked to other systems such as access, disabling it so people can leave faster.
  • Having an effective fire alarm system will prove much cheaper in the long term. Not only will it prevent costly fire damage but will also lower the cost of insurance and protect against fines.
  • Overall, having an up to date fire alarm system in place will lessen disruption to your workplace and protect you from loss, damage, or litigation.

Aspects of a Reliable Fire Alarm System Installation

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing who to install your fire alarm system:

  • Are they aware of the latest rules and laws for fire monitoring and able to comply with them?
  • Can they determine the right alarm system for you? Not all systems work in the same way and each place will have different needs.
  • Are they fully certified? Can they provide proof that shows you can trust them?
  • Are they able to conduct regular testing and maintenance as required?
  • Finally, do they have the experience and knowledge to install alarm systems professionally?

Why Use Huttie?

At Huttie we are able to provide all these elements to make sure you have the right fire alarm system installation for your premises. Since 2007, we have been providing a range of electrical and mechanical services to clients throughout the Cambridge and London areas. To find out more about our fire alarm installation work, visit us online or contact us via phone.

For a free enquiry or to book an engineer for your next fire alarm system installation, contact Huttie today!

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