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Security Alarm & CCTV Systems

For any business the threat of break ins and theft is an ongoing and very real risk and even if your workplace is insured the loss of equipment can impact productivity as well as trust. A security alarm or CCTV system installation can help to protect your business from any potential illegal activity and here we will look at the benefits of having effective alarms and cameras in the workplace as well as what to look for when choosing a system.


Making sure you have an efficient security alarm and CCTV system installation in your workplace will help you in the following ways:

  • Make your staff feel and potential clients feel safe increasing the likelihood of them returning.
  • Should any theft occur you will have evidence of the perpetrators and may be able to retrieve any stolen goods.
  • Help to keep track of activity within the workplace; you can use this in large workplaces to help you decide where to provide extra support where needed.
  • The presence of security systems will deter crime and hopefully save you time and money in the long term.
  • In addition to deterring crime they will promote and encourage good behaviour in the workplace.
  • Having an effective system in place provides evidence of any wrongdoing and lowers the risk of fraud which is often viewed favourably by insurers.
  • Where it is impossible for people to be able to watch every part of the building at once, CCTV systems can cover any blind spots for full surveillance coverage.

What to Consider

When weighing up the various systems out there and the overall cost of a security and CCTV installation there are a few things to consider. Firstly, what areas do you need the cameras to cover? Do you need internal or external cameras or a combination of both? Another factor to consider is where the footage will be stored. Many cameras have a hard drive containing footage but this can be restrictive and poses a risk of hard drive failure so storing it in the cloud might be a better option. Many modern systems allow you to monitor footage remotely from mobile devices which can give you the advantage of reacting faster should a situation arise. One other point to consider is resolution and frame rate as the higher the quality of the footage, the better the evidence.

Using Huttie

Here at Huttie we perform a range of high quality security alarm and CCTV system installations and offer state of the art systems of all kinds and will work with you to provide what you need at affordable cost. To find out about our range of security system installation services, contact our friendly expert team online or via phone.

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