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5 Tips for Maintaining Healthy Ventilation in Your Home

The quality of the air that you breathe has an impact on your health. It determines how alert, awake, and motivated you feel. It has a direct influence on energy levels and can help you function at peak performance. So, it’s worth spending a little time thinking about how you can improve the ventilation in your home.

Thirty years ago, opening windows throughout the day and relying on the natural leakiness of buildings was enough. Now, however, homes in Cambridge are made to very exacting specifications. With such a relentless emphasis on energy conservation, we’ve forgotten the value of healthy airflow. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to take back your atmosphere.

Invest in AHU Technology

AHU (air handling units) are becoming an increasingly common sight in Cambridge homes. The technology operates as part of a standard HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system, but it doesn’t always require ductwork. So, if you’re tight on space, this kind of air conditioning could be a great option.
It works by taking air from the outside of the building, reconditioning and circulating it as fresh, clean air. The system removes all exhaust air and brings its quality back up to healthy, lung friendly levels. AHU units are fast, quiet, and come with the added benefit of variable airflow.

Capture Indoor Emissions

While high quality air conditioning is the best way to improve ventilation in Cambridge homes, there are some other tips and tricks. For example, when you take a bath or a shower, the steam builds up and affects air flow. It can lead to condensation, water damage, and mould.
If you install a simple exhaust fan, which directs humid air outside, this problem is easily solved. Just pull the cord to activate ten minutes before and after bathing. Similarly, cooker exhaust fans are a good option, because they do the same thing for cooking emissions.

Grow Houseplants

All plants are air friendly and help to remove contaminants in the atmosphere, but some are especially skilled at it. Bamboo palm, philodendron, snake plants, and peace lilies are a few of the most efficient ‘air scrubbing’ varieties. They absorb carbon dioxide and pollutants.
In fact, the benefits of growing green, leafy plants indoors should not be underestimated. Not only are they wonderful for lung health, they improve concentration, and lift the mood. Studies have shown that people who work with a plant close by actually have a higher rate of efficiency.

Hoover with HEPA

The next time that you’re shopping for a new vacuum cleaner, pick a device with HEPA (high efficiency particulate air) filter technology. They’re a lot more affordable these days and they are excellent at picking up irritants and pollutants from indoor air. They are particularly valuable for homes with pets.
HEPA vacuums work in the same way as any other hoover, but they contain a special filtration system. Sometimes, these are fully inbuilt and integrated. Sometimes, they can be removed and cleaned. Detachable filters are better, because they provide superior results if kept clean.

Don’t Dry Clothes Indoors

Not everybody can help it. You might live in a small apartment in a busier part of Cambridge and have no outdoor facilities. However, if you do have the option, don’t dry wet clothes indoors. Always hang them up outside where the airflow is healthiest.
From just one load of washing, two litres of water are produced and this goes straight into your home atmosphere. It produces condensation, makes the air heavy and humid, and it might even prevent you from resting peacefully at night. If you must do it, leave the windows open.

To find out more about the benefits of AHU technology or other forms of air conditioning, get in touch with Huttie. Or call us on 01223 292 295 to arrange a consultation or request a cost estimate for your home.

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