How Often Should a House be Rewired?

How often should a house be rewired? In terms of safety and energy efficiency, this is a very important question to address. The cost of updating electrical wiring in the home is dependent regular maintainence.  Maintenance is important to prevent fires and property damage.

Can I rewire my own house?  Let’s take a closer look at these questions.

No Fixed Schedule

A home electrical upgrade and a rewire is recommended by an electrical inspector.  This is sometimes referred to as a fixed wiring inspection.

The electrician will look for:

  • Signs of deterioration.
  • Damage to wire’s insulation
  • Age of wires.
  • Review the condition of your junction box.

The engineer will tell you if a wiring upgrade is necessary or wires are safe. It is wise to book an inspection every ten years.

How Often Should a House be Rewired?

Maintenance recommendations outlined above do not cover how it is critical to know warning signs.  These tell you that something may be awry with your internal wiring.

Common situations which require a trained technician:

  • Circuit breakers that appear to trip for no reason.
  • An electrical panel that does not contain a sufficient number of fuses.
  • Lights that dim or flicker on occasion (a sign of an overloaded panel).
  • Buzzing sounds or acrid smells emitting from one or more locations.
  • Outlets that have become loose.
  • Electrical arc or sparks from an appliance or it’s plug.

These situations could point to potentially dangerous conditions, always contact a certified electrician at the first sign of trouble. Electrians will recommend rewiring a house room by room or a more targeted solution.

Can I Rewire My Own House?

It is not recommended that electrical home improvement projects are carried out by do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

You risk causing a significant amount of damage or may inadvertently get electrocuted when attempting your own wiring.  Do not take this risk.  Your own rewiring will not pass electrical safety regulations.  The update of electrical wiring in a home, by a qualified electrican, provides peace of mind that your wiring is certified as safe.

Should I Rewire My House?

Speak with a qualified professional before you consider rewiring a house room by room or upgrading the entire system.  An electrician will provide modern solutions which align with electrical safety regulations.