New Fusebox Regulations What Are They?

Check That Your Electrical Panel Is All It Should Be

Do you know if electrical panel been replaced since 1990? If not, then it could contravene the new fusebox regulations and become a major problem for you. Outdated electrical panels and fuseboxes are unsafe, and a major cause of house fires.

New Fusebox Regulations

Many of us make the mistake of taking for granted things that are unproblematic, such as our electricity supply. Sometimes, we need protection from ourselves; the new fusebox regulations backed strongly by the Fire Service and introduced in 2005, did that.

What The New Regulations Set Out

The regulations stipulate the best locations for an electrical panel is on the exterior of your home or business premises. A malfunction which causes a fire to ignite in the electricity panel, the Fire Service can quickly extinguish it. Additional, they will turn off the electrical supply without having to first enter the building.

I Don’t Need to Worry if My Electricity Box Is On The Outside Of My Property

The above statement is not true. Your home or business fusebox connects to the main power grid  . This mains connection box manages the way electricity is distributed throughout your property. Where would we be without electricity which makes such a difference to our lives? Yes, electricity is great, but it can also be dangerous. The question should I upgrade my electricity panel is one you should seriously consider.

Why Isn’t My Existing Electricity Box Up to The Job Anymore?

Electricity boxes can be outdated on a property which is 44 years old . The way we use electricity has changed so much over the years, we had far fewer electrical appliances back then and our fuseboxes were able to cope with the load we placed on them. Today, almost every home is full of appliances and gadgets that run on electricity, and a fusebox or electricity panel older than 12 years may simply not be able to handle the demands placed on it.

Ignoring The Fact That You Need to Replace Your Old Electricity Panel is How to Start an Electrical Fire

Because electricity is dangerous, we build mitigation’s into our systems. These take the form of fuses and circuit breakers that shut off supply to an area where there may be a problem. If the box or wiring are old, these safety mechanisms may not work. Today, circuit breakers have replaced fuses in electricity panels, so, if your box is full of fuses, the answer to the question, should I upgrade my electrical panel is yes.

Commercial Properties

The new fusebox regulations apply to commercial properties where the consumption of electricity may be much greater than in a domestic setting. In order to protect your business and the people working in it commercial electrical maintenance is crucial.

Leave it to The Professionals

A qualified electrician will tell you at a glance whether your electrical panel is in contravention of the new fuse box regulations. Whether it needs a major overhaul or even replacing. Isn’t it worth the relatively small fee you may be charged for an assessment to know that your family and the investment you have made in your home are safe? If you are in any doubt about the suitability of your electrical panel, contact a reputable electrician today.