Cold Water Tank Maintenance

Cold water installations are used in commercial buildings either to hold water before it’s heated by a boiler, or to keep a separate supply from the buildings hot water. There are several reasons that these essential tanks may need maintenance, or to be entirely replaced – we’ve summarised everything you need to know about cold water installations.

Hazardous older tanks

In recent years, the tanks used for these installations have come under new health and safety regulations due to the materials previously used for them. If you work in an older building, then the cold water system likely uses a galvanised or asbestos tank, which is now regarded as hazardous. Regulations dictate that these tanks have to be updated, as they pose a serious health risk. If your premises is a certain age, then our engineers can assess the system to see if a new one is needed. If this is the case, we’ll get to work straight away on providing a new, safe, and efficient system, bringing you up to current regulations and making the work environment safe for everyone.

Water pressure

If a cold water system doesn’t have adequate water pressure, then the building won’t get the water supply that it needs. Low pressure can be caused by an inefficient system, or in worst cases, a burst pipe. If you don’t seem to be getting the right water distribution around the building, then one of our engineers can assess the system and offer the best solution.
If it’s an inefficient system, then a cold water booster set can be specified and implemented to improve the system and get it running in the most efficient way. If it’s a burst pipe, we’ll get to work straight away on fixing the leak and installing new pipework if necessary.


If your cold water installation isn’t performing how it should, or you suspect a pipe has burst, get in contact with us today. Our fully accredited engineers are on hand to help as soon as possible with our 24 hour emergency call out service. Find out more about our cold water installation services, or get in touch and we’ll talk you through your options.
Cold water tanks require updating to meet new regulations after their introduction in recent years.