Are you using the best heating system for your home?

An efficient, reliable heating system is one of the most fundamental aspects of any home; without one, your house would be nearly inhabitable. But what are the options when it comes to residential heating?

Residential heating is provided in three main ways, the most common being gas boilers. However, if your home isn’t connected to the gas mains, then you need to choose between a Liquid Petroleum Gas system or an Oil-Fired system – but which is the best one for you?

Gas Boilers

Gas Boilers are by far the most common method of heating a home, but the wrong boiler will end up wasting money and energy. Old and irregularly serviced boilers can also unexpectedly break down, leaving you facing a large unanticipated repair cost. We can supply you with a fully functional, energy efficient, cost effective boiler to heat your home and save you money, (along with regular maintenance and an emergency call out service.)

Liquid Petroleum Gas Systems (LPG)

If your home is one of four million that’s not connected to the mains gas network, then Liquid Petroleum Gas is a popular alternative to a gas boiler. LPG is delivered to you by a tanker and can be stored in either an underground or above-ground tank. LPG systems are used for wet heating systems, heating up the water that then runs through the taps and radiators in your home.

Oil Fired Systems

The alternative to LPG systems for homes not connected to the gas mains, Oil systems provide warmth for the home with heating oil. Again, this oil is stored in an outside tank, and is used by a wet heating system which heats the water that will run through your home’s plumbing system. An advantage of oil fired systems is that since 2005, all newly-installed oil-fired boilers must utilise condensing technology. This technology recycles the heat through an exchanger, so any water in the system is pre-heated by the hot exhaust gas.

Which should you choose?

If you’re not connected to the mains and the choice is between LPG or Oil Fired, then the choice will mostly come down for your uses for the systems. Although heating oil is generally cheaper than LPG, it’s quite restricted to being boiler only. Whereas LPG can be used as fuel for your oven, hob, or gas fire. Both systems will be around the same as a gas boiler to install, with the same amount of regular maintenance and servicing needed.


If you’re interested in any of these heating systems for your home, then we’re here to help. We can provide a free, no obligation quote for the cost of the system and the installation, before beginning to work quickly and effectively to provide you with the system of your choice. We also follow this up with servicing and maintenance work. Our fully accredited engineers are qualified and experienced in installing and maintaining all the above heating systems, and all our work is fully guaranteed.

To get started with your new home heating, get in touch with our friendly team today, and we’ll be happy to help.