Why Do We Chlorinate Our Water and Is It a Good Idea?

The drive to provide clean safe water is hailed as one of the most significant advancements in modern history when it comes to public health. Since its adoption in the United States during the early 20th century, it has helped to eradicate almost all waterborne diseases for the industrialised world. So, it’s hard to overstate the benefits of a chlorinated water supply.

f you’re a business owner, you have a duty to provide your staff with a clean and safe water supply. Making sure that tanks are regularly chlorinated is the right way to do this. The good news is that businesses in Cambridge have access to a robust network of maintenance and monitoring services. With our help, water testing and treatment is an easy task.

This guide to the benefits of chlorination of tanks will explain why it is so important for commercial premises.

Powerful Disinfectant

Chlorination of tanks reduces the risk of almost all varieties of microorganism. Some of the most dangerous are cryptosporidium, mycobacteria, and legionella, both of which are rarely present within treated tanks. This is just one reason why you should arrange a water testing appointment for your water system.

Prevents Organic Growth

There is a lot of stuff in water which poses no real harm but is unpleasant anyway. Tiny pieces of algae, for instance, are common in water supplies. Chlorine breaks them down and makes sure that they cannot be detected. Similarly, if there is any mold growing inside the water tank, a chlorine treatment kills it and prevents further outbreaks.

Safe for Consumption

Chlorine is a curious instance in that lots of people still feel suspicious about its use. This is despite the fact that scientific evidence proves its benefits. As long as chlorine is used in safe amounts and handled by a professional, it poses no risk to health. In fact, it can boost wellbeing by making sure that contaminants from drinking water don’t make it into the body.

Simple and Easy to Use

Business owners in Cambridge have a lot of responsibilities, so most are looking to keep maintenance tasks as simple as possible. Fortunately, chlorine water treatments are very simple and fast acting. All you need to do is contact us and a technician will be sent round to inspect the tanks

Long Lasting

While chlorine treatments do have to be regularly completed, one application will last a reasonable period. This is because the disinfectant properties continue until the chlorine molecules have been entirely exhausted. The exact length of time depends on a variety of factors such as tank storage conditions and the size of the system.

Highly Cost Efficient

Finally, chlorination happens to be one of the most affordable water treatment methods in existence. This is why it is currently the most widely used method throughout the world. You don’t need any kind of specialist tools and, once the chlorine is applied, it pretty much takes care of itself. For business owners, regular services are all that’s needed to maintain a healthy supply.

To find out more about the benefits of chlorination of tanks, get in touch with us or, call 01223 292 295 to speak to a representative and arrange a service, inspection, or treatment.