Commercial Water Quality Testing Services

Legionnaires disease is a potentially fatal disease, a form of pneumonia, which is caused by inhaling small drops of contaminated water containing Legionella. This bacteria is found in water and multiplies heavily in certain conditions – between 20-45°C and with the right nutrients available.

Anyone can develop Legionnaires disease, and it can potentially be fatal, so properly testing to make sure that your commercial properties’ water supply isn’t contaminated is essential.

Unfortunately, small businesses may be unaware of their responsibilities to test for Legionella. If you’re responsible for arranging this testing, the we recommend that you both research about it and get in touch with us to ensure that the appropriate testing is carried out by the experts.

Commercial Water And Legionella Testing In Cambridge & London

Huttie’s plumbing engineers are well experienced water testing for commercial premises. We can test for Legionella and determine whether the water supply is safe or not; in the case that it’s not safe, we can also carry out the necessary steps to make sure that it is.

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Our engineers can test your water and swiftly let you know which course of action needs to be taken, all with minimum disruption to your business. Working with Huttie means working with experienced Gas Safe registered plumbing engineers using the best equipment for the job.

All of the work we undertake is guaranteed, and we’re not satisfied with the outcome of the job until you are. Our in-house estimations team can provide you with a swift, accurate quote for a visit and inspection of your premises water supply, after which we’ll carry out the necessary work as soon as possible. Get in touch with us today for a quote or more information.