Commercial Fire Alarm Installation

In most cases, fires are preventable.  It is the responsibility of the business or property owners to ensure they have a fire alarm installation.  We adopt the correct policies and procedures. In order to take responsibility in keeping their staff and business assets safe. Huttie’s electrical installation team will take you through the whole process.  From Fire Risk Assessment to Installation, leaving you with peace of mind.

There are important safety features within a property with a smart and functional fire detection system. Choose a professional alarm installation, where lives matter. The commercial fire alarm installation services Huttie provides to London and Cambridge customers for over a decade speaks volumes on our professionalism and conformity. Established in 2007, our team of professionals are true leaders in their field regarding innovation and efficiency. What are some of the benefits to expect when choosing our firm?

Knowledgeable and Versatile Fire Alarm Installations – Cambridge & London

The term “one size fits all” certainly has no place when tackling any fire system installation. Just as the needs of each premises are different, it is critical to embrace a targeted approach to ensure superior levels of safety during an emergency. Therefore, the commercial fire alarm installation specialists at Huttie are able to address multiple variables including (but not limited to):

  • Infrared and ultraviolet detectors.
  • Two- and four-wire alarm panels.
  • Smart and user-friendly control panels.

To put it simply, we are fully capable of handling large installation tasks as well as one-off upgrades when required.

All About an Attention to Detail

While we have become respected for our fire alarm installations, it should also be mentioned that we aim to seek working relationships with every customer from the very beginning. Thus, you can enjoy amenities such as emergency 24/7 responses in the event of a fault and bespoke after-care maintenance in order to ensure that your system remains up to date. These networks are a legal safety requirement throughout the United Kingdom, safety and responsiveness are both paramount to Huttie’s installers.

At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers can install state-of-the-art fire control systems, ranging from hard-wired systems to hybrid and wireless solutions, to keep your business premises protected with reliable sounders and fire and smoke detectors.

Of course, this is only a brief overview of the fire system installation services provided by Huttie. Whether you wish to obtain a professional fire risk assessment or you are curious to learn more about our numerous upgrades, it is always best to contact one of our customer support specialists.

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From conventional two and four-wire fire alarm panels and intelligent addressable fire alarm panels, with a plethora of equally sensitive detection devices, to infrared and ultraviolet fire detectors, at Huttie we can specify, install and deploy a wide range of fire control systems depending on the size of your business premises and what you house inside your building.

Fire alarm systems are a legal requirement, so it is vital that your business’ system is regularly tested. Our contractors can head on-site to periodically service and test your system to ensure complete peace of mind and safety.