Marion – Boiler Installation

A residential client, the landlord of a property which required a new installation, was delighted that a procedure was agreed upon promptly, and that our services could be carried out without the need for her to oversee the work. Read the client’s testimonial below:

“I was genuinely delighted with the whole painless process. Quite frankly the tenant in my flat is so hard to pin down having no answer phone and his mobile switched on whenever the moon is blue! He did however eventually produce your details on recommendation from a friend as I was about to go with one of two much higher quotes just for a quiet life! It was a relief not to have to visit and oversee the work on the property and be able to agree with the installation procedure and your much more realistic quotation, hear from my tenant that he was delighted, receive your invoice and promptly pay it remotely. Believe me as a lone female householder I’ve had my share of unpunctual, uncouth, (and even amorous!) tradesmen who treat me like an idiot and a cash cow! To be able to have an articulate initial conversation, a realistic quotation with no hidden add-ons and a swift, professional job was, in actuality, a bit of a novelty and a great relief! Many thanks, Marion Read.”

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