Mrs A – Boiler Repair

This residential client had run in to boiler problems which several other companies couldn’t provide a solution for. With the help of Huttie, the client was left with their boiler taken care of and was very satisfied with the service that we […]

Dhananjay – Boiler Replacement

This residential client was pleased that we carried out a boiler replacement while he was abroad with no disruption to the occupants of the home.”I felt completely reassured simply handing over boiler replacement to you. The attitude and […]

Marion – Boiler Installation

A residential client, the landlord of a property which required a new installation, was delighted that a procedure was agreed upon promptly, and that our services could be carried out without the need for her to oversee […]

Plumber Needed – London

“The Huttie Group is very well run: they are easily contacted and respond rapidly, even out of hours; their engineers are not only efficient, but go the extra mile and really seem to enjoy their work.” […]

Francis – Stud Office – Engineers

I found Huttie very reliable and friendly with experienced engineers. They are avalible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which is great for a business like our’s which runs at weekends. […]

Kings Hedge’s School – Plumbing

We’ve had various plumbing companies at the school over the years that I have been here. We have some new boilers and we asked our last contractors to suggest how we could upgrade, […]

Porsche – Electrical Maintenance

We like using local companies for that local touch. Multi-national companies are great, but you have to book them 6 months in advance which gives you very little flexability where as a small local company just tends to react. Huttie […]

Huxley Bertram – Electrician

We had a very old building with old electrics so we got Huttie in to completly strip all of the electrics and renew everything. They did a very professional job so we are very happy. If there are any problems they are straight onto it and […]

Ian – Hilton Hotel – Contractor

We are a 120 bedroom hotel with a good occupancy last year – about 88%. Lovely gardens so busy with weddings as well, did about 73 last year. With this in mind, it is really important that if something goes wrong, we have a really good […]