Commercial oil tank spillage assistance in Cambridge & London

In the event of an oil spillage within your commercial premises it is imperative that the oil is contained quickly to prevent it from contaminating the local environment via water courses and nearby land. At Huttie, our fully-accredited engineers are on hand to provide immediate assistance and support to deal with dangerous oil spills and assess the condition of your property’s oil tank.
Our highly-skilled team works with state-of-the-art equipment that’s designed specifically to deal with contaminants such as oil. In the event of emergency oil tank spillages we work quickly and efficiently to help you get your business back to normal quickly, saving you time and money.
As a licensed contractor, we ensure that any oil spillages removed from your premises are always transported to a licensed treatment facility. Here, it can be processed, made safer to the wider environment and recycled if possible. When dealing with potentially toxic and hazardous oil spills time is of the essence for your business. Our engineers will work to ensure residues are removed quickly to safe levels and are only happy with the condition of your premises once you are.

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With all our emergency oil tank spillage services, we pride ourselves on being 100% transparent with our fees. We’ll provide your business with a fixed no-obligation quotation as soon as you pick up the phone. Furthermore, we guarantee all workmanship carried out by our reliable team of engineers, providing genuine peace of mind when you need it most.

It doesn’t matter if you discover your oil tank spillage at lunchtime or in the middle of the night. That’s because our engineers are available on-call 24/7, 365 days a year to clear up any hazardous oil tank spillages and contain the damage to your premises as much as possible. At Huttie, we make it our business to keep your business moving.