Commercial New Cabling & Contractor Wiring

Targeted contractor wiring solutions, provided by Huttie where expert professionals offer targeted electrical installation work for your business. From one-off projects and renovations to re-wiring tasks for an entire building, we are only a phone call away. Not only can commercial and domestic electrical installations ensure that your property is up to code.  But the use of modern wiring solutions will save you a significant amount of money over time. Let’s take a look at why many London and Cambridge properties have already chosen to work with the team at Huttie.

At Huttie, our commercial electrical contractors understand the differences between residential and commercial contractor wiring needs and requirements. For any homeowner, losing power or having unsafe electrics is an inconvenience, but for a business, the poor state of their electric circuits and cabling could place the company in jeopardy.

Targeted Contractor Wiring Solutions

Unlike some other renovations addressed by do-it-yourself enthusiasts, any type of electrical installation work needs trained professionals. Not only will this save time as well as money. But you can remain confident that your business is safe and up to date. This is also why our NICEIC approved electricians are fully qualified in a variety of areas.

Fully Qualified Commercial Electrical Installation Work In Cambridge & London

Huttie believes that every project requires a unique approach. This is why we aim to work together with each and every customer in order to guarantee a successful outcome. This also allows us to answer any questions or concerns that you may have as the project progresses. Of course, we are always aware that price is a concern. Huttie can therefore provide you with an expert estimation team so that transparency is present from the very beginning.

Our contractor wiring services can be used to tackle a number of concerns including:

  • Addressing the safety of an existing commercial location in London or Cambridge.
  • Detecting any faults that may be present.
  • Dealing with common issues such as simple wear and tear.

When Quality and Workmanship Count

Have you recently moved to a new commercial location? Does your office require an electrical upgrade in order to meet current coding standards? Do you suspect that a fault may be present? These are only a handful of the reasons why it is a good idea to contact one of our customer service specialists. Please take a moment to give us a call, fill out an online enquiry form, or to email us at your convenience. We will be more than happy to explain our electrical installation work in greater detail.

It is also important to mention that problems can often occur when we least expect them. This is why we are also very proud to be able to offer 24/7 emergency call-out services in the event that an issue suddenly arises. You can always remain confident that the team at Huttie is only a phone call away when you need us the most.

That’s why our fully-accredited engineers are committed to delivering high-quality commercial wiring for businesses moving into new premises or those organisations requiring updated electrical work to their existing system. Our NICEIC approved experts can be contracted to you to assess the wear and tear of your existing cabling against the threat of fire or electrical faults and, if necessary, replace it with a newer, safer, and more reliable cabling infrastructure.

We have an in-house estimation team that can provide businesses with a quick and accurate quotation of any commercial wiring services carried out by Huttie’s highly-skilled electrical technicians.

Need help or advice? We're available 24/7

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Huttie’s electrical division is always available in the event of an electrical emergency. Our 24-hour call-out service covers emergency commercial wiring services. We can be on-site with businesses across Cambridgeshire and London quickly to attempt to isolate any problem in a courteous and highly efficient manner; minimising disruption to your organisation.

There’s never any excuse for taking risks with the state of your business’ electrics. When you call on Huttie, you can be confident that your organisation is in the best possible hands. We guarantee all new commercial wiring installed by our engineers. The team take great pride in their work – we’re only satisfied with the state of your building’s electrics once you are.