Commercial Underfloor Heating Contractors

Are you looking for an efficient and effective way of heating your commercial space? Then underfloor heating will give you what you need. Underfloor heating removes the need for radiators in favour of heat produced through the floor. With an underfloor heating installation you will be able to heat your commercial space efficiently whilst saving on running costs. So what kind of places are suitable for underfloor heating and what are the benefits? Let us take a look at what commercial underfloor heating can do for you and how Huttie can help.

Uses for Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can provide an effective heat source in a range of commercial spaces such as:

  • Offices – Underfloor heating spreads warmth evenly to all parts of the office and, when layout changes occur, you will not have to move any heating appliances.
  • Retail and Hospitality – These need to utilise as much space as possible so underfloor heating provides a more efficient form of heating. Also, heating can be spread to the areas most used by customers.
  • Churches and Community Halls – Churches and community halls both have large open spaces so heating can be a challenge. Underfloor heating can create a warm zone covering the entire space.

Underfloor heating can also be used in many other commercial spaces such as schools, hospitals, showrooms, shops and more.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Using underfloor heating to warm your commercial space will provide numerous benefits:

  • Efficient – Underfloor heating systems are up to 20% more efficient in the long term and can cover up to 50% more surface area.
  • Comfort – You can control the level of heat spread ensuring an even heat distribution.
  • Health and Safety – Other types of heating can spread harmful dust, germs, and fumes. Underfloor heating removes moisture, slip risks, and the spread of germs and dust.
  • Versatile – Underfloor heating can be used with almost any design layout and works with almost any type of flooring.
  • Sustainable – Underfloor heating runs at lower temperatures than other systems meaning energy use is greatly reduced. This helps lower your carbon footprint and lessen your impact on the environment.

Underfloor heating can also be combined with other heat sources such as gas or renewable energy for even more efficiency.

Underfloor Heating Installations with Huttie

At Huttie we have a team of heating specialists available to undertake your underfloor heating installation or answer any queries you may have about heating your commercial space. As well as commercial underfloor heating we also do wiring for new properties, electrical maintenance, solar heating and more. For full details on our NICEIC approved contractor services visit us online. To find out more please contact Huttie online or via our 24 hour phone line.