Electrical Inspection Cost & Requirements

Making a hot drink, relaxing in front of the TV or simply turning on a light. We use electricity in our homes without even thinking about it. In fact, we use it so often that it’s easy to forget just how dangerous electricity can be. Having your home electrics tested is the best way to ensure that it’s safe to use. Any electrical inspection cost is worth it to protect your family and home.

Faulty wiring, appliances or electrical supplies may carry a risk of fire or electrocution.  A qualified electrical inspector can check that any electrical installations around your home are working safely. They will be able to identify any electrical fire hazards that need addressing. Huttie has a team of NICEIC registered electricians who have a wealth of experience in carrying out electrical inspections to keep homeowners safe.

Electrical Inspection Costs When Buying a House

Over time, electrical installations can deteriorate and become hazardous. That’s why it’s a good idea to arrange domestic electrical testing when you buy a new house, particularly if it’s an older property.

With fees to pay and furniture to buy, moving home can be costly. A visit from an electrician might seem like an unnecessary additional expense, but this electrical inspection cost is far cheaper than the potential financial, and human cost of an electrical fire in your new home.

Even if you aren’t moving house, we recommend that you have the electrical circuits in your home checked every 10 years. An inspection by a qualified electrical inspector can give you the peace of mind that you and your loved ones are safe at home.

Work From Home? How Much Could Electrical Fire Hazards Cost Your Business?

That’s the question to ask yourself when deciding whether the electrical inspection cost is worth it. Imagine the potential financial losses you could incur if you are unable to trade.

Consider as well how expensive it would be to replace any tools, equipment or technology that your business relies on. Or how damaging it could be to lose vital paperwork in an electrical fire. It may be a worst-case scenario, but it’s one you can avoid simply by paying the relatively small electrical inspection cost to protect your business.

Landlord? Electrical Inspections Are an Essential For Rental Homes

As of 1st June 2020, private landlords in England are required by law to have the electrical installation in their rental properties checked by a qualified electrician. These checks must be carried out every five years, making them an essential on any landlord’s home inspection list.

This electrical inspection cost for a landlord is now one of the requirements they must budget for when letting a property. And as with owner-occupied homes, this cost is minimal compared to the potential expense of a fire.

How Much Does Any Electrical Inspection Cost?

It’s better to think of any electrical inspection cost as an investment in safety, not an unwanted fee. To receive an affordable quote for an electrical inspection at home or at work, contact Huttie today. Our team will be more than happy to help. Because peace of mind is priceless.