UK Energy Assessment for FREE Insulation Grants

Are you a homeowner looking to insulate your home? Do you want to make your home more eco-friendly and energy efficient? If so, then a UK energy assessment will prove if you are eligible for free insulation under the Green Homes Grant Scheme. Whether you are after loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, or a free boiler replacement, the scheme will help you improve your home for less. Therefore, it is useful to know what the Green Homes Grant Scheme is and how a UK energy assessment can help you qualify.

Green Homes Grant Scheme

The Green Homes Grant Scheme is a government initiative for reducing carbon emissions created in the home. It provides homeowners with financial support in order to make homes energy efficient. By making your home more energy efficient you can reduce energy bills by up to £600 a year, reduce carbon emissions, and support the UK green jobs industry. In addition, the scheme can help you improve the quality of your home and make it much more comfortable all year round. Above all, the scheme is designed to help the UK reach net zero emissions by the year 2050.

UK Energy Assessment

The scheme offers up to £5000 in vouchers, or up to £10000 for low income homes, that you can use for a range of energy saving improvements. To be eligible you must own your own home, own a park home on a residential site, or be a landlord in the private or social rented sector. This does not include newly built homes that are unoccupied. If you are claiming other grants you will need to check if any will prevent you from claiming a voucher. To apply for a voucher you will need to undergo a UK energy assessment to determine eligibility. Once eligible you must redeem the voucher and complete all improvements by 31st March 2022.

What Can The Voucher Be Used For?

The vouchers are divided into primary and secondary measures according to what home improvements they can be used for. You must use the voucher for at least one primary measure. This includes:
Insulation measures such as loft insulation, cavity wall insulation, under-floor insulation, and more.

  • Low carbon heating measures such as air source heat pumps, ground source heat pumps, solar thermal systems and more.
  • Once you have installed a primary measure, you can use remaining funds on your voucher to cover any secondary measures. These include:
  • Draught proofing.
  • Double or triple glazing windows.
  • Energy efficient doors.
  • Hot water tank insulation and thermostat.
  • Additional heating controls.

To find out more about the green homes grant scheme and getting a UK energy assessment visit our online page for more details.

Free Installations with Huttie

At Huttie we have been providing plumbing, electrical and heating improvements to customers since 2007. Through the Green Homes Grant Scheme we can offer you free boiler replacements, cavity wall insulations, loft insulations, first time central heating, and more. To apply for a UK energy assessment get in touch with our expert team online or by phone. For quality insulation services for your home contact Huttie today!