What Is A Smart Meter?

What is a Smart Meter?

Electric companies need to know how much energy their consumers are using.  To provide them with accurate monthly statements. Analogue meters were common in the past, these are predominantly replaced by smart meters today.

However, some individuals might not be aware of how these devices work. What is a smart meter? How do smart meters communicate with the company? Are smart meters inaccurate? Let’s take a quick look at these questions so that you can fully understand their benefits.

The aim of a smart electrical meter is to use wireless technology to send data to the energy supplier. This data normally includes hourly and daily consumption rates.

Smart meters alert the service provider when a fault is detected or if the meter itself is tampered with. This is important, as the energy supplier will be notified straight away in the event of a power outage. Customers will then be able to enjoy more efficient maintenance solutions.

How Smart Meters Are Powered

Unlike analogue meters, smart meters are not directly connected to mains electricity. They instead rely upon one or more internal batteries. It is interesting to note that smart meters are essentially “asleep” for the majority of the time. They will activate at predetermined intervals to check readings and to send this information to the energy supplier. Smart meter batteries need replacing every 10 years.

Are Smart Meters Accurate?

Is a smart meter inaccurate?  These meters are extremely accurate thanks to their ability to provide real-time information related to energy consumption. Most of these devices also contain a digital display, showing information about how much energy you are using. Usually, you only become alter to a problem with a traditional meter, after your monthly statement arrives.  Faults are automatically reported by a smart meter.  Therefore, rates remain correct.

We can now see why so many consumers are choosing to take advantage of these unique systems. If you would like to learn more about our smart meter fitting services or the other commercial and residential heating and plumbing options offered by Huttie, please contact one of our representatives directly.