Data Cabling Made Simple

If you work from home, or you or your family rely on a fast and stable connection for streaming, browsing or gaming, then you need state-of-the-art cabling infrastructure. With the internet commonly used for more than just simple browsing these days, faster and more reliable connections are needed. The popularity of streaming services for films and TV shows requires good speeds for consistent, high quality picture, and online gaming also requires powerful, consistent speeds to get the most out of a game. Businesses and commercial premises, mostly offices, also need reliable connections for hosting servers and a large network of employees.


Offices, large or small, need data cabling solutions in place to ensure there’s no downtime due to unreliable or slow connections. With so much of our work and communication being done online, the lack of a dedicated cabling infrastructure could end up causing serious downtime for a business in the event that something goes wrong with unreliable cabling. It’s not just offices – you’d be hard pressed to find any commercial enterprise that doesn’t heavily rely on the internet to run everything properly.

Cabling for the home

Organising your home cabling to provide stationary items with a wired connection ensures that they’ll always have a fast, stable connection, and gives Wi-Fi priority to wireless, portable devices such as laptops, phones, and tablets.
Using wired connections for devices which won’t be moving around gives them a much more stable, reliable connection, and gives wireless devices priority of the Wi Fi, which is their only connection option.

Data cabling by Huttie

If you’re interested in data cabling solutions for your home or office, then we’re here to help. At Huttie, our fully accredited electricians – who have years of experience installing fibre optic cabling systems for homes and businesses alike – will survey your home or place of business to figure out the best possible cabling solution for you. Get in touch for more information or a free, no obligation quote:
Our engineers specialise in Cat5e, Cat6, Optical Fibre, and multi-pair communications cables, with the expertise and hands-on commitment to deliver a guaranteed quality of service at a price you can afford.